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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

RECENT BOOKS by The Memoir Club 07552086888  

Family of the Raj -John Morton £29

Victoria Wood, Comedy Genius – Her Life and Work by her brother Chris Foote Wood - £12.00
ABC of Immigration by Simon Sherbrooke - £20.00
At Your Service – A belated autobiography of Lieutenant General Sir Brian Kimmins KBE CB DL by Malcolm Kimmins – foreword by Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE DL Softback £10.00 Hardback   £15.00
Use It Or Lose It - How to live longer and happier – Brian Greenwood - foreword by Lord Tebbit £7.95
I Remember It Well, The Diaries, recollections and art of Three Generations over Three Centuries £20.00
Recollections of an Irish born doctor in nineteenth century Argentina by Susan Wilkinson  £20.00
The Education Roundabout by Professor Anne Jones £15.00

·         Professor Basil Mitchell: Looking Back; On Faith, Philosophy and Friends in Oxford
·         Dr Edward Hulmes: The Spalding Trust and the Union for the Study of the Great Religions
·         Professor G C Cook: The tropical disease that never existed
·         Christopher Rundle: From Colwyn Bay To Kabul
·         Professor Anne Jones: The Education Roundabout
·         Professor Peter Richards: The Harvest of a Quiet Eye
·         Professor John Walker-Smith: Enduring Memories
·         Professor Gordon Cook: Victorian Incurables
·         Professor George Wedell: A Post-War Half Century
·         Professor Edmund Critchley: A Neurologist's Tale
·         Professor Dubowitz, Victor: Ramblings of a Peripatetic Paediatrician
·         Professor Galletly, Gerard: An Impact Under Pressure
·         Professor Howe, Geoffrey L: Reflections of a Fortunate Fellow
·         Professor William Johnson: Record And Services Satisfactory
·         Professor Michael Lee: Stood on the Shoulders of Giants
·         Professor Preiskel, Harold: Wings of Youth
·         Professor Rawson, Kenneth: Ever the Apprentice
·         Professor John Richmond: Life's Jigsaw: A Medical Man Finds the Pieces
·         Professor Symington, Thomas: A Chance to Remember
·         Professor Wilson, Peter: Tale of two trusts
·         Professor Young, Anthony: Thin on the Ground
·         Prof John Robson: We Were Paid As Well

·         R Derek Finlay: Ten to Take Her Home
·         David Hutchinson: Through A Looking Glass
·         John C. Foster: Looking at Durham Stage and Screen
·         Eberhard George Wedell: A Post-War Half Century Christmas Letters 1962-2011

·         Dr Michael Partington: Barts and Beyond
·         Dr Jean McMillan: Lucky Genes
·         Dr Hywel Davies: Uncle Ebe and Other Stories
·         Dr Satya Chatterjee: All My Yesterdays
·         Dr Tony Cole: Looking for Answers
·         Dr Oscar Craig: Medical Memoirs
·         John Hofmeyr: Anecdotes of a Life of Contrasts

·         Phillip Harris: To Be A Neurosurgeon, a Memoir
·         John Shaw: A Fortunate Apprentice
·         Bryan Ashworth: Striving towards Elegance
·         Edmond Critchley: A Neurologists Tale
·         Richard Godwin-Austen: Seizing Opportunities The Reminiscences of a Physician

·         Alan Lettin: Was It Something I Said
·         Ian Burn: Journey of a Cancer Surgeon
·         Ronald Wilson: A Mother's Medical Man

·         Colin H M Walker: I Also Ran

·         Major Freddie Rawding: Life as a Curious Traveler
·         Major Lawless: From Miner to Major
·         Major Peter Horsfall: Hard Too Believe Too Old At Sixteen
·         Lieutenant Colonel Tony Mains: Sandhurst To The Khyber with a foreword written by General Sir Sam Cowan, KCB, CBE Colonel Commandant the Brigade of Gurkhas.
·         Brigadier Neville Pughe: Elusive Glory with a foreword written by General Sir Michael Wilkes KCB CBE.
·         Harry Moses: For Your Tomorrow A History of the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry with a foreword written by Gen. Sir Peter de la Billiere KCB, KBE, DSO, MC, DL
·         Harry Moses: The Faithful Sixth - A History of the Sixth Battalion Durham Light Infantry
·         Brigadier Richard Mountford: A Life in the Day of a CRA, the story of a Cold War Soldier with a foreword written by General Sir Edward Burgess, KBE, OBE.

·         Sir Bernard Burrows: Diplomat In A Changing World
·         Sir Francis Kennedy: Dust Suspended with a foreword written by Jackie Stewart
·         Sir Nicholas Bayne: Economic Diplomat with a foreword written by Robert D.Putnam Harvard
·         Sir David Aubrey Scott: Window Into Downing Street
·         Sir Wynn Hugh-Jones: Diplomacy to Politics by way of the Jungle
·         Thomas Russell: I Have The Honour To Be
·         Geoffrey R Price: Building A Life
·         Dr J.D Macgregor: Colonial Window
·         Kenneth W Kelly OBE: Working Class Diplomat
·         Julian Walker: Tyro On The Trucial Coast
·         Richard Wilding: Civil Servant
·         James Rooke: Trade And The Diplomat
·         John Stacpool: Recollections Of A Sit Sit Man
·         Richard Tallboys: Encounters of a Diplomatic Kind

·         Sir David Mitchell: From House To House, The Endless Adventure of Politics and Wine
·         Sir Albert McQuarrie: A Lifetime of Memories
·         Sir Giles Shaw: In The Long Run
·         Sir David Trippier: Lend Me Your Ears with a foreword written by Ken Clarke
·         Major General Sir Brian Wyldebore-Smith: March Past with a foreword written by Baroness Thatcher

House of Lords
·         Baron Graham of Edmonton: From Tyne to Thames
·         Baron Thomas of Macclesfield: An Inclusive Community with Integrity
·         Baron Mackie of Benshie: Flying Farming and Politics
·         Lord Nickson: Two At A Time
·         Baron Islwyn of Casnewydd: Seek Fairer Skies

·         Ray Gibbon: The Way it Was
·         Brian Mackenzie, Baron Mackenzie of Framwellgate: Two Lives of Brian From Policing to Politics
·         Mike Chandler: And Nothing But The Truth
·         Ralph Petit: A Plod Round Brum

·         Bishop Bill Down: Down To The Sea with a foreword written by H.R.H., The Princess Royal.
·         John Peart Binns: The Improbable Bishop Ian Ramsey Of Durham
·         John Peart Binns: Gordon Fallows of Sheffield
·         Olga Rutherford Abraham's: A Geordie in Japan
·         Richard Ferguson: Listen to the Gospels
·         Stephen Carr: Surprised By Laughter
·         Revd A.H. Dammers: Thank You, Holy Spirit with a foreword written by George Carey, Lord Carey of Clifton Archbishop of Canterbury (1991-2002)
·         Sister Giles: Circle Completed & The End and The Beginning
·         Brian W J G: Lost Certainties

Female Authors
·         Joan Bright Astley OBE: The Inner Circle
·         Dame Sheila Quinn: A Dame Abroad
·         Norinka Ford: The Flowing Line
·         Audrey B Insley: The Resisted Exercise A Physio's Story
·         Isobel Bradley: Smiling in the Darkness
·         Cindy Coster: Where Am I From Where are YOU From?
·         Mary Burkett: I Felt Like An Adventure foreword by Melvyn Bragg
·         Lady Patricia Maddocks: So Many Worlds with a foreword by Anthony Kirk-Greene CMG MBE Emeritus Fellow, St Anthony s College Oxford.
·         Suzanne Kyrle-Pope: The Same Wife In Every Port with a foreword written by Sir Reginald Hibbert GCMG.
·         Audrey Deacon: Diary of a Wren 1940-1945 War Years in the Women's Royal Naval Service
·         Jenny Pierson: A Teatasters Dog
·         Rosella Bartelot: What Made Grandma Tick
·         Jenny Pierson: Travels of a Tea-Taster's Dog

·         Esmond Bulmer: Cider and more Besides Esmond Bulmer
·         Robin Salvesen: Ships Husband
·         Professor Raymond Miquel: Business As Usual...The Miquel Way
·         John Young: Acting Up
·         Roger A Owen: From Bricks To Beans Surveyor to Grocer
·         Sir Norman Wooding: Recollections
·         Sir Paul Nicholson: Brewer At Bay
·         Peter Bowring: A Thicket Of Business
·         Sir Desmond Pitcher: Water Under The Bridge
·         Sir Michael Parsons: Room To Swing a Cat
·         Harry Simpson: Land Sea and Air

·         Peter Ackers: My World The Life and Times of a Civil Engineer
·         Rafe Clutton: Take One Surveyor
·         Judge Richard Cole: An Oxford Man
·         John Craven: Understood Backwards
·         Gerard Galletly: An Impact Under Pressure with a foreword written by Dr Diana Galletly Cambridge.
·         Tony Downing: Water on the Brain with a foreword written by Professor Peter Wolf, Emeritus Professor of the City University, London.
·         John Duckworth: Weighty Matters: Worthy People
·         Michael Elton: Memories of Many Winds
·         Lord Mackie: Flying, Farming and Politics
·         R. Derek Finlay: Ten to Take Her Home
·         Derek Edwards: Puddings On Friday
·         Patrick Gordon-Duff-Pennington: Those Blue Remembered Hills
·         Brian Greenwood, ex-Chairman of Greenwoods Menswear: Shop; or clogs to clogs in three generations whose foreword was written by The Right Honourable Norman Tebbit.
·         Sir Peter Gwynn-Jones: The Coati Sable
·         Brian Lingard: Special Houses for Special People & Thrifty Homes for Thrifty People
·         Harry Simpson: Land, Sea and Air
·         Jim Davis CBE: You And Your Ships
·         David C. Fanthorpe: Little Tyke
·         Guy De Moubray: City Of Human Memories
·         Professor Kenneth Rawson: Ever the Apprentice
·         Brian Rofe: Blue Patches and Clear Water
·         Sir Conrad Swan: A King From Canada

·         Peter. R Shuker: Half A Century of Further Education in England
·         Jennifer Trusted: When I Was Young, A Fortunate life in the mid-twentieth century
·         Sue Davies-Jenkins: Hang On Tight
·         Sir John Horlock: An Open Book
·         Patrick Tobin: Portrait of a Putney Pud
·         Brian W J G Wilson: Experience Is An Arc
·         John Young: Acting Up
·         Roger Griffiths: A Life At The Chalkface
·         Arnold Hendry: A Career In Ivory Towers
·         John Mann: To Gladly Learn And Gladly Teach
·         John J. Sparkes: Understanding Learning

·         Dame Margaret Seward: Open Wide, Memoir of the Dental Dame Chief Dental Officer (England)
·         Harold Preiskel: Wings Of Youth

·         Richard Hill: A Light on Shore
·         Francis Major: Liverpool Ports
·         Captain Sam Fry: Fruitful Rewarding Years
·         Rear Admiral Richard Hill: A Light On Shore
·         Norman Goodwin: Midshipman-Royal Naval Reserve
·         Rear Admiral Geoffrey Hall: Sailors Luck
·         Patrick Martin: Fifty Years a Shipbuilder
·         Bryan Smalley: Aft Through The Hawsepipe

·         Joan Pye: Atoms for Peace
·         Sir Martin Holdgate: Penguins and Mandarins
·         Christopher Audland: Right Place - Right Time with a foreword written by Sir Frank Berman KCMG QC
·         Lord Roger Nathan: The Spice Of Life

·         Carole Bell: Baltics To Beirut
·         Jean McMillan: Itchy Feet
·         Tony Goddard: My African Stories
·         Wendy Brice Thompson: Down And Almost Under
·         Rosemary Wedell: Halfway Round The World

·         Norval Mitchell: The Quiet People Of India
·         Joan Bright Astley OBE: The Inner Circle A View Of War at The Top
·         Tony Hare: Spanning The Century
·         Henry Keown-Boyd: The Lion and The Sphinx: The Rise and Fall Of The British In Egypt 1882-1956
·         Jeremy Mitchell: Shrapnel and Whizzbangs

·         Jean Hole: Life Saver – Life Changer, a history of the Taunton Women's Refuge 1977–2007

·         Alex Smith (engineer): Lock Up The swings n Sundays
·         Professor John Sparkes: Understanding Learning
·         Sir Thomas Symington: A Chance To Remember
·         Mr Chris Thornburn: No Messing: The Story Of An Essex Man
·         George Tolley: We, Of Our Bounty
·         David Tonge: Whither Thou Goest