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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


               Author with daughter at Book Launch

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This is an adventurous story of a couple from very poor backgrounds who, when things didn’t seem right, ‘got on their bikes’ a la Norman Tebbit, resulting in them spending fifteen years in Africa, at one time  miles from the nearest white settlement, and twenty years in Spain or its dependencies.      
While Barbie was an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, Ken left teaching to follow other avenues in real estate and trading, which was why they moved, or had to, to twenty-one different homes together with various rentals or lodgings, and sharing both exciting and tragic incidents on the way.        
It is also a story of minor league sporting success, and Ken is not afraid to air his views on such controversial subjects as politics, education and morals. They also touch on their holidays, including round the world trips visiting friends in places as far away as Tonga.      

Writing this has made Ken laugh, and at times cry, and he opens his heart in writing the truth, however painful that might have been. The result together with fantastic photographs will give entertainment to everyone.

The first 25% of all sales of ‘Where my Angels Led’ , after costs, will be donated to Cancer research, and the second 25% after costs will be donated to the Heart Foundation. This is in recognition of the Cancer treatment my wife received, and the Heart surgery I received.
“BRAVO!”   -   “LOVED IT
Amazing,   -   When I am reading, it i
What a remarkable life.   I kept waiting to see what could happen next.

Ken Pidcock’s charming Where My Angels Led is a vibrant memoir spanning the journey of two people’s lives from their infantile cries to their final conditions at the publication date, whether that was in this world or the next. Where My Angels Led follows the interwoven tale of Ken Pidcock and Barbie Tomlinson, a man and a woman who began their lives only 50 miles apart from one another, and who would come to bind themselves to one another to travel the difficulties and joys of life together. Pidcock’s memoir is a fascinating and intimate look at an Englishman and an Englishwoman’s simply complex tale. Pidcock offers his readers full disclosure in the exciting and sometimes heartbreaking details of his life with Barbie and takes them through magnetizing scenes of poverty, war, travel, and love.

Pidcock’s memoir is written with a beautiful simplicity that makes it accessible for both casual and scholarly readers. His story encompasses a vast variety of circumstances and situations, sprawling across decades of the fully-lived adventure of two affable and memorable characters. Where My Angels Led acts not only as a historically factual memoir but also a creative story of love, exploration, and sometimes suspense. Pidcock’s personal struggle to overcome the challenges that life had in store for him is inspiring to say the least, and his dedication to his Barbie is unparalleled. The memoir is an unassuming and modest text seeking to express the story of two unremarkable, yet remarkable, people, and succeeds in conveying the history of their lives in a charming manner, if not in an overly intellectual or thought-provoking one.