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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Brian Greenwood - Use It Or Lose IT

Copies are available from Lynn Davidson  mob 0755 2086888

PRICE £7.95 or 3 copies for £20  includes UK POSTAGE

Brian Greenwood


USE IT OR LOSE IT may very well add many years to your life!  Following the common sense advice, with which it is packed, will certainly increase your happiness in the latter part of your life.
 This book is unusual in that its author is not a young man expounding a theory but is in fact a man of eighty-seven who practices what he preaches and is able to draw on all the varied experiences of a long life.
 That experience has been backed up by careful research and the result is this guide, which Lord Norman Tebbit describes as ‘This excellent book’.
 Similarly an eminent Cardiologist says ‘This book will help in great measure to provide crystal-clear lifestyle guidance’ and a widely experienced General Practitioner confirms – ‘This book gives examples of how advancing old age can be challenged’.
 The Headmaster of one of the North’s leading independent schools describes ‘Use it or Lose it’ as ‘Homespun wisdom grounded in careful research and sound common sense’.
 This is a book for everyone aged forty and over and younger people also will do well to read it with either an eye to the future, or with a view to giving good advice to an older generation. It is, of course, an ideal small gift for an older person – man or woman – about whose future you care. 

Read it – you will not be disappointed!


Lord Tebbit CH
This excellent book.
This splendidly comprehensive manual of how to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Paul Silverton MDFRCP Consulatant Cardiologist
An entertaining and highly informative treatise. This book will help in great measure to provide crystal clear lifestyle guidance.

David Humphreys Headmaster Woodhouse Grove School
This is not a guide for mere survival but a series of timely remindes about making the most of your life and living life to the full.

Dr Georgina Haslam Ret GP
This book gives examples of how advancing old age can be challenged. Use this book as a springboard.