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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Brian Greenwood's SHOP! Is now reduced!

Reduced from £18.95 to £12.50! Order your copies now! Signed copies available until the end of September.

Brian Greenwood’s, experiences in building what was once Britain’s largest privately-owned menswear chain coupled with 50 years involvement in independent education, together with a very wide range of sporting interests, all make for entertaining, informative and frequently amusing reading. This profusely illustrated book with its foreword by Lord Norman Tebbit CH ranges from the origins of the Greenwood menswear empire, through the acquisition of other firms such as Dunn & Co. and Hodges - once a household name throughout South Wales and the south west - to a succession of commercial disasters in the period of the early 90s recession. Parallel to the business story are the affairs of one of the North’s leading independent schools - Woodhouse Grove and tales of sporting activities as diverse as athletics, rugby and hunting in South Africa. In writing his memoirs of a long and interesting life, the author sets out to produce a book which would never be dull but would rather be a thoroughly enjoyable read - he has succeeded!

‘The rise of the Greenwood family fortunes began in Bradford in the 1850’s when Brian Greenwood’s great-great-grandfather took up the trade of hatter, which was carried on by his son and then grandson, who expanded the business into a gentlemen's outfitters. Shop! traces the fortunes and misfortunes of his descendents - most notably Brian Greenwood himself - through a hundred and fifty tumultuous years including two terrible wars, the devastating slump and depression of the inter- war period, the height and the fall of the British Empire and that of the Greenwood empire too’.

The story has in it the stuff of a TV saga.
Rt Hon Lord Tebbit CH

An enthusiastic tale about his experiences, wittily and fondly recalling characters and incidents down the years. His relish for life shines through. 
Chris Holland - Telegraph & Argus