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Friday, 10 June 2016

The Carnock Letters by A L Bryan Nicolson of TARANSAY Hon.DLitt, FSA Scot, G.C.E.Tr.

The Carnock Letters, a series of letters sent to A. L. Bryan Nicolson, this led to the ultimate and final conclusion that Lord Carnock would succeed to the Chiefship of ‘The Clan Nicolson’ the first 
Nicolson Chief for over three hundred years.

This book is a companion to              FOR THE ANCIENT RACE

also written by A L Bryan Nicolson
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The Right Hon. David Henry Arthur Nicolson    
The 4th Baron Carnock
Baronet of Carnock
Baronet of Lasswade
The Chief of Clan Nicolson

AUTHOR: A L Bryan Nicolson of TARANSAY 
           Hon.DLitt, FSA Scot, G.C.E.Tr.

I first came to my Scottish Ancestry when I was about eight years old, although there was not anyone in my immediate family who wore a kilt, played a bagpipe or spoke the Gaelic language. All this would fall to me being taught to play the bagpipe from the age of eleven years. At this time a Pipeband was formed at Sunderland in 1957. Fortunately for me the place where members held their first weekly practices was in the village where I lived at the time. When I was two years old I had heard a Pipeband play at Durham, and this was my first hearing of the bagpipe, something must have stirred in me and consciousness, and has never left me. The science of heraldry came to me when I was on a visit to Durham Cathedral with my parents, when I was eight years old, and has been with me from that time. I find heraldry a most fascinating subject, especially the artwork and its coming together and final construction.
I knew that we were of Scottish descent, but not much more and at the earliest time did not know we were one of the most ancient of the Scottish Clans.
I hope what I have put together and correlated what will be regarded as a working tool on the subject, and all who come to it will find the work to be of great interest.
I send my best wishes to all those of the Clan Nicolson and to those who are a Sept of the name, you are a welcome part of the family.


It is with great pleasure, at long last, that I have set down these letters received from David Nicolson the 4th Lord Carnock, over a span of many years. Dealing with the Chiefship of Clan Nicolson and other matters of Nicolson history and Heraldry, and with reference to family genealogy. The final and deciding matter of the Nicolson Chiefship, would come to Lord Carnock recognised at the Court of the Lord Lyon 3rd Sept 1983. Lord Carnock died on Boxing Day, 2008. The Chiefship would now fall to his cousin, Adam Nicolson, the 5th Lord Carnock, with the Chiefship would be the baronetcy denominated Lasswade, which is an additional baronetcy for the Carnock family. Further to that is the Chiefly Arms of Nicolson. David Nicolson 4th Lord Carnock, would be the first Nicolson Chief in over three hundred years.
                                                                                                                                A. L. Bryan Nicolson