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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A B C of Immigration by Simon Sherbrooke

ISBN: 9781841045979  Price: £20.00 available from The Memoir Club or tel 0191 4192288


I perceive that the explanation for this book having taken so long and that it has grown so much include the following factors. First of all and despite the conclusion of the House of Lords’ Select Committee on Economic Affairs in 2008 and David Cameron’s representation in 2010 the amount of immigration has continued or even increased.
Secondly investigation into an item produces leads so that, for example, that committee’s report led back to the evidence it received.
Thirdly the sources listed in the book and in the bibliography were mainly unknown to me in 2010: in other words, when one investigates one finds “there is so much more out there”.
Fourthly as time went on, there were (or came to my notice) further examples of the original point plus the publication of reports such as by Peter Clarke (as the result of the publication of the so called Trojan Horse letter) and by Professor Jay (as the extent of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham began to come out, which report was followed by Louise Casey’s) and the Serious Case Review into CSE in Oxfordshire from the experiences of Children A, B, C, D, E and F plus judicial decisions such as BAPIO v Royal College of General Practitioners and the General Medical Council in 2014 and as to the Tower Hamlets mayoralty election of that year.
I don’t think the book’s contents have been cherry-picked and that is shown by the following. In January 2015 there was a small item in a newspaper, that twenty years before receipt of the Trojan Horse letter, the Department for Education had received warnings of Islamist infiltration of schools in Birmingham. An internet search showed that the Department’s Permanent Secretary, Chris Wormald, had conducted an investigation the result of which was his Review into possible warnings to DfE relating to extremism in Birmingham schools.
He found six instances where concerns were raised with the Department. The first had been in 1994 when the headteachers of three schools in Birmingham had written to the Department expressing concerns about Hizb ut-Tahir [the Party of Liberation which seeks a caliphate and by one description first converts, secondly establishes a network of secret cells and thirdly tries to achieve its aims by infiltration]. Additionally that year there had been a letter from Revd. John Ray who after 25 years as principal of a school in Srinagar, Kashmir had, for 10 years (to 1991) been chair of the governors of Golden Hillock School: the result had been a meeting, in Westminster, with the Minister of State for Education.
Those alerts had got nowhere because the Department ‘lacked inquisitiveness’ and the policy at the time was for delegation from central to local government.
(But as to the latter reason) Peter Clarke (of the Clarke Report) concluded ‘senior officers of (Birmingham City Council) were aware of practices subsequently referred to in the Trojan Horse letter as early as 2012, and discussions on this issue took place between officers and elected members in May 2013’ and yet eight weeks after receipt (in late 2013) of the Trojan Horse letter the 'focus of the Council was very much on the potential community cohesion impact...'.

Several quotes from the book

In a short time swarms of the aforesaid nations came over into the island, and the foreigners began to increase so much, that they became a source of terror to the natives who had invited them.
The Venerable Bede, as to the 5th century

One day, millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go to the northern hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it; and they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.
Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of Algeria to the United Nations General Assembly in 1974

Their commitment to a British education was implicit in their decision to become British citizens. Maintenance and transmission of the mother culture has nothing to do with the English secular school. If they want their children to absorb the culture of Pakistan, India or the Caribbean, then that is an entirely private decision to be implemented by the immigrant family and community, out of school.
Raymond Honeyford. Headmaster of Drummond Middle School, Bradford 1980/84

The idea that their children might be integrated into our kafir society was anathema to them, and they saw the school to which they were legally obliged to send their children as a thing to be either subverted or destroyed.
Roger Scruton following Honeyford's death in 2014

Black and Asian people should not be forced to accept British values or to adopt a British identity.
Kenan Malik 2007

No one knows the true scale of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham over the years. Our conservative estimate is that approximately 1,400 children were sexually exploited over the full inquiry period, from 1997 to 2013. By far the majority of perpetrators were described as ‘Asian’.
The report by Professor Jay
 I just can’t believe that where local authorities can whistle up plentiful supplies of eager and energetic baristas and beanpickers from central Europe, this has no effect on local wage rates. I do think that if Marx and Engels were with us today they would be telling us immigrants are the new reserve army of labour in Britain.
Ferdinand Mount 2013

Get a white chair and a white desk and put the white kid in a white corner with a white teacher and keep him away from the others. If that fails, get rid of the white kid. It's what the community wants you to do. 
Muslim parent at Anderton Park School, Birmingham: part of the evidence secured by the Clarke Report of 2014 as to the so called Trojan Horse letter.