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Friday, 31 January 2014

Sir Albert McQuarrie -  A Lifetime of Memories

ONE of Scotland's most colourful MPs of the 1980s has published his memoirs at the age of 95.

Foreword by Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind KCMG, PC, QC, MP.

Hardback 100,000 words – 26 Chapters – 94 Photographs

Copies of the book signed by the author can be obtained from Sir Albert McQuarrie, Kintara House, Newton Road, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire  AB42 5EF, UK 

ORDER Price:  £15.00 P & P £3.00 UK (£7.50 Europe £10.00 ROW)
By Post: Sir Albert McQuarrie, Kintara House, Newton Road, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, AB42 5EF.

Cheques made payable to Sir Albert McQuarrie.

Sir Albert McQuarrie, former Member of Parliament for East Aberdeenshire, Banff and Buchan, born on 1st January 1918 - 95½ years ago – has written his memoirs. This remarkable achievement has taken Sir Albert 11 months of writing. It covers many experiences and aspects of his youth, his business activities, the years in Parliament. He piloted a number of Private Member’s Bills - notably the Regulations in the Safety at Sea Act of 1986 which has saved the lives of many fishermen. He successfully led the opposition to that part of the British Nationality Bill 1981 which sought to remove the right from the people of Gibraltar to be British Citizens. For his tenacity in the House of Commons the media gave him the nickname of ‘The Buchan Bulldog’. 
     This is a book written from the heart, and mind, by the former apprentice plumber who by his drive and determination became a successful businessman, a Member of Parliament, elected to Mr Speaker’s Panel of Chairmen and a Knight of the Realm. 

We invite you to share a life of diverse interests in this engaging book. The reader is invited to accompany Sir Albert on his journey through a life dedicated to his passion for politics. 

Sir Albert reveals an intimate view of the conservative leadership. His enthusiasm for political life makes him a fascinating and incisive chronicler of the inner workings of government. Sir Malcolm Rifkind recounts in his Foreword, that Sir Albert

...... was a great champion of the fishing industry of the North-East of Scotland and this, rightly, led to him being referred to as the ‘Buchan Bulldog’. It was a reference both to his physical appearance and to his tenacity. He was as happy with the title as Margaret Thatcher was with being known as the ‘Iron Lady’.

His energy and enthusiasm was not confined to his own constituency. He championed the people of Gibraltar and their entitlement to remain British, for many years; chaired Parliamentary scrutiny committees at the Speaker’s request, and has done valuable charitable work. 

A Lifetime of Memories  revolves around the twin themes of business and political life, boasts a cast of fascinating, often high profile figures such as Margaret Thatcher, Lord Boothby, Rt Hon George Thomas, (Viscount Tonypandy) and Lord Forsyth. Throughout there are delightful vignettes making the book fall into the ‘must have category’.


Sir Albert McQuarrie earned the nickname the Buchan Bulldog as MP for East Aberdeenshire, Banff and Buchan for his staunch support for the Scottish fishing industry during his two terms at Westminster during the Thatcher era.
In A Lifetime of Memories and published by The Memoir Club, Sir Albert tells the story of how he rose from being an apprentice plumber to set up his own business after serving in the Second World War and later become a councillor in Gourock.
He first stood for Parliament in 1966 but did not win a seat until 1979, when he was one of 21 Scottish Conservative MPs elected as the Tories seized power under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
He won the previously SNP-held seat by 558 votes and retained it four years later before losing to a highly-rated young Nationalist called Alex Salmond in 1987. Sir Albert was responsible for introducing regulations improving safety on board fishing vessels.
In his foreword to the book, former Scottish Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind describes Sir Albert - now retired and living in Aberdeenshire - as a "splendid colleague".
Recalled his reputation as the Buchan Bulldog, he adds: "He was as happy with the title as Margaret Thatcher was with being known as the Iron Lady."

Reviews newspapers

A Lifetime of Memories by Sir Albert McQuarrie

‘Sir Albert, your book was fabulous.  What a wonderful life.  We enjoyed reading every word.  Many congratulations’.   Arni and Eve, Great Crosby
‘Your book was excellent and a pleasure to read’.   C Penny, Stuartfield, Aberdeenshire
‘What a wonderful piece of work.  A great read which brought back many memories’. S.G., Fraserburgh
‘I am going to enjoy reading this book.  There is so much in it which puts it in a class of its own’.  A.G., Ayrshire
What a wonderful read.  I could not put it down.  It was so exciting’.   M.G., Monifieth
‘I have enjoyed reading your biography.  It is personal and fascinating.  Like you I try to follow the sentiments of Simon Grellet’.  S.W., Westhill, Aberdeen
‘I was overcome with emotion when I read your very careful chosen words.  It was such a special thing for me to read of your caring nature’.   S.R., Preston
‘Your book is worth reading.  Yours is a life well worth having on record.  I am enjoying it’.D.A., London
‘I enjoyed reading your book.  It was a most interesting read of all the remarkable things in your life’.   L.B., New Leeds
‘Thank you, Albert, for the many accomplishments you had when our MP.  The fishermen have a lot to be grateful for from your efforts’.  A.A., Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
‘We are delighted to report the copies of your book have reached us.  The book is handsomely presented which should make you proud’.  G.K. Queensland Australia
‘I have enjoyed reading your book.  The parts relating to Gibraltar have been of great interest to me.   You did so much for the people of Gibraltar when you served as an MP In London’.   L.P., Gibraltar
‘What an achievement having written your Memoirs.  We have enjoyed it immensely and are now reading it again – it was of such interest’.  G & M, Kent
‘Yes, Sir Albert, authorship is hard work.  It is enormously to your credit you should have produced ‘A Lifetime of Memories’ as a nonagenarian.  I am enjoying reading all your achievements and particularly those when you served as an MP’.   T.D., Linlithgow
 ‘May every Blessing be with you and good luck with the selling of your book.  I am looking forward so much to reading A Lifetime of memories’.  R.M. Peterhead
‘I have finished reading your most interesting and entertaining book which gave me much pleasure.   It has been a job well done – many congratulations’.  D.T. West Sussex
‘We were delighted to receive a copy of your book ‘A Lifetime of Memories’.   It will be read with much interest’.  A & B, Aberdeen
‘What an amazing life you have had Sir Albert.  I enjoyed reading your book and finding out your goal to such great success’.  E.D., Turriff, Abdns
I am enjoying reading your book.  It is making such fantastic reading – well done’.  T.B., Fife
‘Thank you for the book.  There are not many people of 95 years writing their memoirs.  It has brought back many fond memories to me’.  JBS, Midlothian
‘What a surprise in the mail.  Your book looks great.  Cannot wait to read it.  I will need more!  Do not sell them all until you have heard from me’.   I.H., Moray
‘Thank you very much for the book.  Dipped into it and looking forward to a good read.  In awe of the work you have done to produce the book’.  S.G., London
‘Something worth reading.  We are grateful to you for such an excellent product.  Good luck with the sales’.  G.M., Malaga, Spain
‘Delighted to see the photograph of Albert Street and McQuarrie Street on back outer cover of your book.  Your family name is much revered in New South Wales’.  M.M., Sydney, Aust
‘Please let me tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book ‘A Lifetime of Memories’, Sir Albert.  I walked every road with you in the marvellous journey of your life so far’.  G.K. Australia
‘Many thanks for the book A Lifetime of Memories.  It is a great meander through a political period that marked my own Ministry and I am thoroughly enjoying it’.  H.S., Bearsden
‘We would congratulate you on the outstanding achievement.  An immense job well done.  Great read’.  R & R, Glasgow
‘Enjoying your book immensely.  Brings back many happy times.  Fantastic read’.  M.M., Johnstone
‘In your book you manage to convey an understandable and entirely justifiable pride in your achievements without being conceited.  It gave me great pleasure to read your book’.  A.B., Wales
‘Wonderful achievement to complete your book in just over one year.  Many Congratulations on the production of your book – perfect for people of all ages as all our lives are built on memories’.   S.D., Luss
‘Much enjoyed reading your book – particularly the account of the compassion and humanity shown to the survivors of the Arandora Star’.  J.S., Berwick
‘Enjoyed your book.  With a time line of 95 years you are an outstanding gentleman with a passion and desire to serve Queen and Country.   To give up what you had to pursue a career in politics demonstrates to the reader your wish to help people.   Fishermen the country over are most grateful for your Safety at Sea Bill which due to the EPIRB now on vessels has saved lives of many fishermen.  There are some wonderful people in the world and I say Sir Albert you are one of them.  I hope your book sells well’.  J.B., Peterhead
 ‘The book is fantastic, Sir Albert.  Full of many achievements in your very active life’.  A.D., Aberdeen
 ‘Wonderful  surprise to learn you have written your memoirs.  Many Congratulations.  Looking forward so much to reading it’.  B., London
 ‘Delighted to purchase your book.  Full of admiration for the effort.  Enjoying reading it immensely’.
C.C., Mintlaw
 ‘It is fantastic and interesting bringing back memories to me’.   R.L., Walton
 ‘No surprise your book is a success.  Well written and shows your wonderful career.  Now proudly in my bookshelf’.  Y.B., London