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Thursday, 20 June 2013


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Esmond Bulmer - Cider and more Besides
Esmond Bulmer describes how the Bulmer family built the world's largest cider company over more than a century. As an MP between 1974 and 1987 he saw at first hand how little those in industry understood each other. He left the House of Commons to chair the company until he retired. He describes how the world in which he was brought up of patriotism, a paternalistic approach to employees, the moral teaching of the Church of England, a gentlemanly approach to the rules of capitalism and respect for authority all fell apart; how the failure of the political class to understand and to foster the creation of wealth in an increasingly competitive world led to decline which sometimes appears inexorable; how Britain's failure to define its relationship with Europe has frustrated the creation of a new political settlement and how the media, with its relentless concentration on the short term, frustrates the long term strategies on which our prosperity, and perhaps in a global context, even man's survival on the earth untimely depends.

Price £14.95 P&P £2.50 UK £4.60 Europe £8.50 ROW

Brian Greenwood - Shop!
Brian Greenwood’s experiences in building what was once Britain’s largest privately-owned menswear chain coupled with 50 years involvement in independent education, together with a very wide range of sporting interests, all make for entertaining, informative and frequently amusing reading. This profusely illustrated book with its foreword by Lord Norman Tebbit CH ranges from the origins of the Greenwood menswear empire, through the acquisition of other firms such as Dunn & Co. and Hodges - once a household name throughout South Wales and the south west - to a succession of commercial disasters in the period of the early 90s recession.
Parallel to the business story are the affairs of one of the North’s leading independent schools - Woodhouse Grove and tales of sporting activities as diverse as athletics, rugby and hunting in South Africa.
In writing his memoirs of a long and interesting life, the author sets out to produce a book which would never be dull but would rather be a thoroughly enjoyable read - he has succeeded!

Brian Greenwood has led a widely varied life as Chairman of Britain's largest privately owned menswear chain, Chairman of numerous property companies and as the longest serving Chairman of any Public School. His sporting interests have ranged from Athletics to Deer Stalking. His family and business life have seen both triumphs and tragedies.
His life has been a complex tapestry with many colours and hues. Its story will be enjoyed by all who read it.
He and his wife Enid live near Harrogate; they have a son and daughter and four adult children.

'The rise of the Greenwood family fortunes began in Bradford in the 1850's when Brian Greenwood's great-great-grandfather took up the trade of hatter, which was carried on by his son and then grandson, who expanded the business into a gentlemen's outfitters. Shop! traces the fortunes and misfortunes of his descendents - most notably Brian Greenwood himself - through a hundred and fifty tumultuous years including two terrible wars, the devastating slump and depression of the inter-war period, the height and the fall of the British Empire and that of the Greenwood empire too.
The story has in it the stuff of a TV saga.'
Rt Hon Lord Tebbit CH

'Brian Greenwood's life could make a novel. In fact, he's now writing three thrillers based on his experiences.'
Chris Holland, Telegraph & Argus

Price £12.50 P&P £2.75 UK £6.50 Europe £12.50 ROW

Roger A. Owen - From Bricks to Beans
Described as the last of the 'old guard' to leave the Wm. Morrison boardroom. Roger Owen has a captivating story to tell. In From Bricks to Beans he provides a fascinating snapshot of life at the top of one of the country's biggest supermarkets.
As the title playfully suggests, Roger Owen began his working life more interested in bricks and mortar than in fruit and veg. A quantity surveyor with an eye on his future prospects, he took a job with local supermarket chain Morrisons and was given the task of acquiring new locations, overseeing the building of new stores and expanding the company's rental income. When he joined the company in 1975, the chain had twelve stores and one warehouse, all in the Bradford area. When he left, the company was a giant, with over four hundred shops built or under development from Inverness to Gibraltar, numerous depots, produce pack houses, factories, abattoirs and a new multi-million pound headquarters. Bricks to Beans tells the story of this phenomenal growth from the point of view of the man who helped make it happen. 
Away from the building site and the board room, Roger describes his family life with wife Lena and stepsons Glen and Jason, his travels for both business and pleasure to destinations far and wide and the agony and the ecstasy of supporting Bradford City FC. Roger’s down-to earth, warm personality is evident throughout. A natural storyteller, he recalls the time he inadvertently posed as footballer Michael Owen's uncle, not his entirely successful foray into the world of greyhound racing and an unconventional business meeting which saw him dress as a scuba-diver.

Roger Owen interviewed by Carl Gresham on Bradford Community Broadcasting

Price £17.95 P&P £3.50 UK £6.50 Europe £12.50 ROW

Raymond Miquel - Business as Usual
In his thirty years at Arthur Bell & Sons, Professor Raymond Miquel CCMI, CBE transformed the traditional whisky distillers into one of the most successful companies in Scotland with the Bell's brand becoming a household name.
At the same time Bell's maintained a social responsibility for its workforce and local communities as well as an active policy in sport, personal development and welfare reflecting Miquel's own priorities and beliefs.
He makes no secret of his commitment to Scotland and his belief that local Scottish companies and workers can, given the leadership and direction, compete as equals with the best in the world.
The Bell's takeover of Canning Town Glass and its political implications is described along with the takeover of Gleneagles Hotel. The impact of the latter would have a significant baring on the ensuing battle Miquel had with Guinness.
Karen Cunningham tells of the intrigue and double standards throughout the Guinness bid and .the subsequent disappearance of one of Scotland's strongest independent companies.
After Bell's he looked for a new challenge with Bellhaven Brewery. After accomplishing so much in two short years Miquel was ousted before achieving his ambitious objectives.
Away from business matters the book covers his period in sports administration. As Chairman of the Scottish Sports Council he faced head on the difficulties of running a government quango.
His involvement with Lees of Scotland which he saved from administration in 1993 and floated on the Alternative Investment Market in 2005 is well documented, as is his continuing association with Glasgow University Business School.


Price £9.95  P & P £2.70 UK   £4.60 Europe £8.20  ROW

Derek Finlay - Ten to Take Her Home
Derek Finlay's story covers not only his professional life, but describes, with a wonderful feel for language, his personal life from childhood in Kew, college years at Cambridge, the character building experience as a National Service Platoon Commander, to the present day. This book is informative without being prosy; touching without being sentimental; very evocative of the 1930s and 40s, while touching on times past and relating them to the present.
Derek Finlay has experienced a diverse and prestigious career within British and International Industry. After eighteen years, the last seven as a Director, with management consultants McKinsey and Company Inc., he embarked upon a highly successful 14 year career with the H.J. Heinz Company where he moved to the World Headquarters in Pittsburgh on his appointment as Senior Vice President - Corporate Development, and a member of the Board of Directors. It is an exciting and honest story of a career built on the foundation of early family tragedy, private ambition and the strong values of integrity and decent business ethics.
Derek Finlay was born at the home of his parents in Kew, Surrey. His education began at Kew College followed by Kingston Grammar School.
After securing a BA Degree in Economics and Law at Emmanuel College, Cambridge he embarked on a highly successful business career, first he spent eighteen years with McKinsey & Company Inc. then began a fourteen year-career with H.J. Heinz Company. He also spent three years in the textile industry when he became Chairman of Dawson International plc.
He now lives in The Mains of Grantully Castle in Scotland with his wife Una; they have a daughter, two sons and three grandchildren.

Foreword by Sir Anthony O'Reilly OA, KBE
The book is hugely instructive on the methods of management that were used to achieve goals ...........
His recollections and experiences in Dawson International allow him to conclude that failure is as instructive as success, and his analysis of what the future holds for manufacturing businesses in the UK against the lower cost manufacturing base in the East is both incontestable and holds many ominous lessons ahead for European industry.


Robert Derek Finlay,  BA, MA, FInstD, FRSA, MCIM. Chairman, Dawson International PLC, 1995-98; b. 16.5.32, London; m., Una Ann Grant; 2 s.; 1 d.

Education: Kingston Grammar School; Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

Lt, Gordon Highlanders, 1950-52; Mobil Oil Co. UK, 1953-61; Associate, Principal, Director, McKinsey & Co., 1961-79; Managing Director, H.J. Heinz Co. Ltd., 1979-81; Senior Vice-President, World HQ, H.J. Heinz Co., 1981-93. Member, London Committee, Scottish Council Development and Industry, 1975-2003; Member: Board, US China Business Council, 1983-93, Board, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, 1986-93, US Korea Business Council, 1986-92, Board, Pittsburgh Symphony Society, 1989-93; Vice Chairman, World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, 1986-93; Chairman, Board, Visitors Center for International Studies, University of Pittsburgh, 1989-93.

Recreations: tennis; rowing; music; theatre.

Price £17.50  P & P £3.00 UK £4.50 Europe £7.50  ROW
Copies are available from Lynn Davidson  mob 0755 2086888

David Hutchinson - Through a Looking Glass
Through a Looking Glass is the true story of an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances. David Hutchinson, 59 years old and retired from a life spent in international business, was kidnapped by criminals and sold to the FARC, the main Colombian guerrilla.
A nine-month forced march through the fierce terrain of Colombia ensued but the author makes little of this and we can only guess his feelings when he is told ‘You pay, you go free’. But this is not a one sided story. David Hutchinson incorporates his family’s side of the story; their efforts to contact him and the FARC: a whole picture of the kidnap is created.
Because this is the story of David Hutchinson’s long march, there is a pace to the narrative. Interspersed with
this are pen-portraits of the various guerrilleros with whom he comes into contact and mini biographies of other captives and the limited occupations of the captives such as chess and wildlife watching.
When he is finally allowed to make a phone call to his home, there is the constant fear that it will be traced. The whole group could then be attacked by the air force, as did happen. This is not just kidnapping; this is war. The air force flies overhead and the army constantly track the guerrilla. They run, they fight and they die, it is a constant battle for survival. Interest is added by giving details of the political and social background and of how the kidnappings first started. Half the kidnaps in the world happen in Colombia. This is an enthralling memoir, which will both fascinate and horrify the reader.
David Hutchinson was born in 1943 in Peshawar, India (now Pakistan) of British parents, John and Antonia. They returned to England in 1947, where David went to school and to Oxford. David married Graciela Busto from Argentina whom he had two children. After her death from cancer he married his second wife Maria Cecilia (Nanette) Muñoz, from the Philippines. He was president of the Colombian-British Chamber of Commerce, Bototà 1993-97 and in 1998 was warded an MBE for services to British-Colombian Trade. He now lives in Barcelona.

Through a Looking Glass - a great title for a great book! Memoir Club, did such a good job.


Just to say that I read and much enjoyed David’s book. As I read it I could hear him speaking.
I found the chapters on the members of the FARC that encountered, and his fellow captives (and similarities between some of them), particularly interesting and you have a phenomenal memory to describe your experiences so vividly!

What an excellent book. I wonder if I enjoyed it because it was you, and knowing you made it fun, but I think it was just well written. I liked that it wasn't oppressive, full of violence and gore, more depressing, as other books on this sort of subject sometimes are. The human elements, not romanticized, and appropriately brief, were appropriate as encounters in the military would be. I also like how you presented all sides without hammering the points. The wildlife made it delightful. I can’t wait for Jeff to come home and read it
Patricia Harding of The American Orchid Society

Price: £14.95 P&P £2.25 UK £4.50 Europe £7.50 ROW

Through The Looking Glass is now available on eBook:

Harry Simpson - Land, Sea and Air
This is an extraordinary, compelling memoir, spanning a life of ninety four years; starting on the day of his birth; the day ‘The German Zeppelins belligerently invaded the blue sky of England’. His memoirs chart the life of a man with a voracious appetite for challenges and new experiences. He vividly recounts, with humour and anecdotes, his many, colourful experiences in business, RAF, sailing, driving, fishing, plus business stays and holiday travels to almost every country around the world. This context provides the title for the book Land Sea and Air.
This unique collection of life experiences will appeal to many audiences. It is an enthralling, fast moving, chronological journey through history, his life, his work and social experiences. His unusual descriptive writing style adds colour and clear vision to assist appreciation of circumstance, time and place, making it very difficult to stop reading.
His love of flying, driving cars and many hobbies provide the backdrop for many absorbing stories. His business experiences, range from early ‘cold calling’, working for Bakelite and inventing an innovative method of producing sanding discs, and in latter years, coming out of retirement on more than one occasion to meet new business challenges in demanding economic times.
The memoir deals with the tragic death of his son Roger in a road traffic accident; that impacted the rest of the author’s life. Mr Simpson married twice with children, and had happy memories of his life in his home in Duford Wood and Little Langley Farm, near Petersfield.

Price £17.95 P&P £3.50 UK £6.50 Europe £12.50 ROW

Anthony Young - Thin on the Ground
Thin On The Ground describes an episode in the history of Britain’s overseas territories that transformed knowledge about their potential, as ecologists and soil surveyors set off into the bush or the forest and mapped the resources for agriculture and rural development.
It is the first time that the story of land resource survey, beginning between the two World Wars and reaching its full flowering in 1950-1975, has been told. The author has drawn upon his own research and reminiscences, and accounts by over 80 former staff. Descriptions of scientific advances are interwoven with their recollections of events, sometimes bizarre, in the field. The book contributes both to the history of science and to Colonial history.
Anthony Young has over 40 years’ experience in all aspects of land resources, from survey to evaluation, planning and policy. Beginning in the Colonial Service, as Soil Surveyor, Malawi, his subsequent career has been divided between university research and practical contributions to rural development, through work with FAO, the World Bank, international agricultural research institutions, and consultant companies.

Foreword by Professor Stephen Nortcliff - Secretary General, International Union of Soil Sciences 2003-2010
In this text, Anthony Young seeks to recognise the pioneering efforts of those who undertook the surveys. 
This book is the story of a great era of land resource surveys, emphasising the importance of the experiences gained from observing the natural environment  in the field. It also recognises the contribution of these scientists to the history  of the Colonial Service. In gathering information from some 80 former colleagues,  the author asked them to include reminiscences of unusual experiences in the field, which provide lighter moments in the text. 
Anthony Young is to be congratulated in bringing together information about the surveys, and recording the careers and achievements of the surveyors. This early work, carried out initially under the auspices of the Colonial Office and subsequently by the UK-based Land Resources Division, provides much of the basic knowledge we have about the natural environments of many of the regions today. This text will help to bring about a wider awareness of the wealth of information collected during this era. 

Price £14.50 P&P £2.50 UK £3.50 Europe £6.00 ROW

Christopher Rundle - From Colwyn Bay to Kabul
BBC Correspondent John Simpson describes Christopher Rundle as ‘the guru in the mall.’ In his own book, Rundle now gives a vivid account of his own experiences in Iran and Afghanistan.
Few people are in a better position to write about Iran and Afghanistan than Christopher Rundle. In this, his newly published memoir, he recounts his time working in embassies in both countries. This incident typifies the volatile Iran that Christopher Rundle knew in 1979: I was walking through a part of central Tehran where street vendors had their stalls. From the back a large, bearded man started chanting ‘Sag-e khareji koshteh bayad shavad! The foreign dog must be killed!’ He was probably unaware that I understood him; but that only seemed to make the threat more real.
He also provides enlightening accounts of Afghanistan, from his first posting there in 1968 to the present day. His fascinating descriptions contain some surprising background information, including first hand details of Afghanistan after the Taliban. He pulls no punches in examining the USA’s war on terrorism.

I enjoyed this book greatly, and am so grateful that The Memoir Club exists to bring us the work of people as valuable and interesting as Christopher Rundle.
John Simpson, BBC Correspondent

Price £17.50 P&P £2.50 UK £3.00 Europe £5.00 ROW

John Izat - Thanks to Fredi
Thanks to Fredi is a fascinating look at the life of John Izat. Drawing on his experiences as both stockbroker and farmer his approach is logical but tempered with a great deal of creativity and he is able to recall incidents accurately without resorting to nostalgia.
Mr Izat begins with a brief family history and some delightful memories of school years before describing the way of life in the central belt of Scotland during the war years. Later he had looked forward to National Service with foreboding but it turned out to be the most character-forming period of his life and he describes some of the incidents and the people he met; demobbed four months early he entered Oxford as a much more mature person. His chosen career was stock broking in which he spent twenty highly successful years; for thirteen of those years good fortune and his love of farming enabled his family to grow up in the country and eventually for him to decide to give up the city career to become a full time farmer, with the support of his wife Frederica Ann (Fredi). With an efficient and economical style John Izat describes the workings of livestock markets and the financial implications. This part of the book with an emphasis on the countryside is a pleasant contrast to the one of city banking and the reader can feel the pleasure in the environment and the enjoyment that the author gains from his work. Alexander John Rennie Izat was born in July 1932, to Sir James Rennie Izat and Lady Eva Mary Steen Izat of Balliliesk. He was educated at Trinity College Glenalmond and later Oriel College Oxford.
The years between 1955-75 were spent as a stockbroker with the firm Williams de Broë & Co latterly as partner in charge of the research and institutional dealing departments.
He is a past chairman of the Shires Income plc, United Auctions (Scotland) plc and the Moredun Research Institute - and a past director of Shires Smaller Investment Trust plc, Glasgow Investment Managers Ltd, the Moredun Foundation, Cromlix Estates and College Valley Estates.
He was a member of Council of Glenalmond College 1975-1995 and is a past president of Fife-Kinross NFU & the Kinross Agricultural Association; director of Royal Highland Agricultural Society 1985-97 (honorary treasurer 1992-96).

This book will appeal to a wide audience in that it covers so much, but in concise terms.
Dan Buglass, The Scotsman

Price £19.95 P&P £3.75 UK £4.75 Europe £9.00 ROW

Patrick Gordon-Duff-Pennington - Those Blue Remembered Hills
This is a colourful and poetic memoir written with an unusual degree of candour. It is a celebration of life and highlights man's need to belong to a place, to reconnect with the land and the animals and to find the spiritual values that have been mislaid in today's society. The majority of the author's life has been spent farming in the Scottish hills, in Inverness-shire and Dumfriesshire. He tells of his love of the land and the various characters he has encountered throughout his life, describing those he admires with warmth, those he does not with diplomacy, but all with a touch of humour. Patrick is a natural writer and poet. The book is interspersed with his lyrical verse and anecdotes from his vast experiences, which stretch from student shepherd to reluctant resident of a Grade I Listed Castle on the coast of the western Lake District. Those Blue Remembered Hills will undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of everyone who reads it. Born in 1930 Patrick Gordon-Duff was reared in Moray (near the mouth of the Findhorn) and educated at Eton and Trinity College, Oxford, before National Service in the Cameron Highlanders. His desire for a life on the land was not approved by his parents but eventually brought him great satisfaction and a large circle of friends. He has dedicated his life to the people of the countryside, describes himself as a tinker and is happiest wandering among the people of the hills and islands.

Like Patrick himself, Those Blue Remembered Hills is a remarkable production.
The Scotsman

Your book is fantastic and your memory prodigious!
Susan Bell OBE

This book has much humour as well as its serious side and is interspersed with the author's poetry. All in all it is a very good read.
Geoffrey Lee, The Historic Houses Association Magazine

Price £10.50 P&P £2.00 UK £3.00 Europe £4.50 ROW
Available on   email:   or tel 01913735660 with card details and address.

Available from bookbutler at:

Guy De-Moubray - City Of Human Memories
This story begins in that distant world of long ago where children of colonial parents hardly ever saw them. Schools in Brussels, Sussex and Scotland were followed by war in the Burmese jungle as a teenager.
Guy de Moubray has had a most unusual and varied life which he recounts with flair and imagination, taking the reader on a revealing journey of discovery. But this book is much more than the tale of a successful career. For he recounts with deep feeling personal and revealing emotions focusing on the relationship with his wife, Daphne. This relationship was the golden thread binding his life together, strengthened with his deep religious faith.
The core working years of his life saw him involved in international finance and monetary and economic policy with the Treasury, the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fund. During these years he was Personal Assistant to Per Jacobson, Chairman of the IMF.

I recommend it as a thoroughly good read. 
Chris Bailey, Bank of England Magazine

His memoirs are like him - very thoughtful, forthright and honest.
Bernard Taylor, Journal of General Management 

Price £14.95 P&P £3.50 UK £4.75 Europe £9.00 ROW

Jack Jeffery - A Pudding Full of Plums
A well-crafted memoir is more than a collection of details and anecdotes, it is a glimpse into a person's soul And A Pudding Full of Plums is certainly no exception, providing a deep excavation into the life of an extraordinary man. Jack Jeffery chronicles his trife with candour, wit and humility. From his rural childhood in County Durham, growing up against the backdrop of the Second World War, to an illustrious career in the water industry and public health, Jeffery presents as much a social history as an autobiographical tale.
For those interested in the privatisation of the water industry in the late 1980s and early 90s, the book provides a valuable insight; giving a detailed account of the author's dealings with colleagues and government officials during the period. And although modestly understated, rt is clear to see how his influence has had a positive impact on the shape of the industry. As our very own Chairman of Convocation, and Chair of a number of organisations including Northumbria Larder (the regional food organisation for the North East.)

Foreword by Frank Judd Lord Judd of Portsea Thackthwaite, Cockermouth, Cumbria July 2006 
This is the story of an exceptional man who has made, and continues to make, a powerful contribution to society; but it is also an honest personal account of the internal challenges and dilemmas encountered by him and how they were faced and answered. It is a very interesting read. Enjoy it!

Price £17.50 P&P £2.25 UK £3.75 Europe £7.50 ROW
Copies are available from Lynn Davidson  mob 0755 2086888

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