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Monday, 13 May 2013


We have 20 years experience in publishing, editing, designing and promoting books.  We are committed to bringing quality books to their potential readers, and to maximising every book's potential.

Our dedicated in-house team is always on hand to take you all the way from manuscript to eBook. Every author is treated as an individual, not a number.

We offer a full service when publishing eBooks.

Email your manuscript to Lynn Davidson,

We can produce an eBook from a PDF, word document or published book from £395.

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Ettienne is dyslexic and finds writing a challenge. He has faced this CHALLENGE and overcome it. His book Through Blisters and Saddlesores - 49 days that changed my life
is available on KINDLE 21 June 2013. Priced at £1.99 + VAT = £2.05.

ETTIENNE IS TRYING TO RAISE £100,000 for The Haven following his wife’s fight with BREAST CANCER.

HELP RAISE MONEY FOR THE HAVEN @BreastCancerH Support, information and complementary therapies to help anyone affected by breast cancer.

Email us if you want to make a donation

We were typical young lovers with many dreams and fantasies which clouded reality for some time. But no more than a year and a half into our marriage Trish was diagnosed with Grade 3 invasive Breast Cancer.
We had never had a shock like this in our lives before. We couldn’t believe it. More so, we didn’t want to.  We considered ourselves to be generally young and active, growing our own fruit and vegetables, doing physical labour on our allotment.              Never take your health for granted.

It sounds so strong and rewarding. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I hear those lines, I just want to get out there and do something great.

My manager at the time, Dan Lauder, also a very well-travelled adventurer, had just completed an almost solo cycle from his door in England to the Coliseum in Rome. The distance of about 1,000 miles travelled in the space of ten days.

 It is funny how life works sometimes. He had just finished a book that inspired him to take on an ultra-marathon and asked me if I was up for the challenge. I found myself saying yes even before I had a chance to think about what it meant.

 IN MY PREPARATION I STUMBLED ON A WEBSITE CALLED THE GREAT TOUR, which was the circumnavigation of Britain’s coast line by bike. It looked like a worthy challenge and covered a distance of about 6,600 kilometres. I thought yes, that’s something I’d like to do

To read more about Ettienne De Beer go to his website at:
Or to read more about his expedition go to his blog at:
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Norinka Ford – The Flowing Line
The Flowing Line is not only an absorbing family history but an evocative journey through diverse lands and different eras. The place and moment I most identify with is Syria at the start of the 1950s when, though neither of us knew it, Norinka Ford and I were both little girls within the small diplomatic community of Damascus. The magic of that ancient city has remained to this day in both of us.
Josceline Dimbleby, Author

Harry Moses
The Faithful Sixth
The book covers the whole of the period of history from 1919 to 1955, particularly through the eyes of those officers and soldiers who served with the Battalion in peace and war, reinforced with over 50 photographs and 9 maps.

If you’re interested in local history then this is a must. Centred around Bishop Auckland it really brings home the pride that still exists within the county. These were Territorial and they gave there best and then more. A fantastic read. Hard to come by so get one if you can.
Anne Johnson (Middlesborough)

For Your Tomorrow
The Durham Light Infantry was one of our finest Country Regiments. This is the story, of the 6th Battalion DLI and of the best me from County Durham who served first as Volunteers, and later as Territorials, and who fought with such distinction in two World Wars.
The author, Harry Moses, was born in Tow Law and recently retired as a headmaster. He has long been fascinated by the history of the 6th DLI and this book is the result of his many years of meticulous research.

I thoroughly recommend this book
Gen. Sir Peter de la Billiere KCB, KBE, DSO, MC, DL

Audrey B. Insley – The Resisted Exercise
The Resisted Exercise describes the story of a young girl training to be a physiotherapist.
Married with two sons, Audrey Insley qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in trauma. She has worked in teaching hospitals around the world. Audrey has written extensively for magazines and newspapers worldwide.

The book, The Resisted Exercise, will do for the popular profession of physiotherapy what 'Call The Midwife', has done for nursing.
T. Gillibrand, Lancs

Professor John Morley – Science and Stupidity
John Morley spent a lengthy period engaged in research in industry, firstly with Pilkington Bros and subsequently with Rolls Royce in the aero engine business. When there he was responsible for the first demonstration of the feasibility of extending the temperature capability of metals by reinforcing them with strong ceramic fibres and later for the first factory scale production of high strength high stiffness carbon fibre laminates. He discusses the limitations in engineering management which led to bankruptcy of Rolls Royce in 1971. He left the company in 1969 as Chief Physicist to take up a post as Professor at Nottingham University and there continued his research activities.

I found the autobiography of Professor John Morley an extremely interesting read, written by a man with a very enquiring mind.
Douglas A Ibbitson BSc, phD.D.Sc (Hons), C.Chem, FRSC.

Dame Margaret Seward – Open Wide
What makes this book absolutely fascinating is that it is so easy to read, because it is written in a style that mirrors her own relaxed personality. I guarantee you will find it hard to put down. I strongly recommend that you buy a copy. You will, as I did, enjoy every page.
Private Dentistry

David Hutchinson – Through a Looking Glass
Through a Looking Glass is the true story of an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances. David Hutchinson, 59 years old and retired from a life spent in international business, was kidnapped by criminals and sold to the FARC, the main Colombian guerrilla.
A nine-month forced march through the fierce terrain of Colombia ensued but the author makes little of this and we can only guess his feelings when he is told ‘You pay, you go free’. But this is not a one sided story. David Hutchinson incorporates his family’s side of the story; their efforts to contact him and the FARC: a whole picture of the kidnap is created.

Through a Looking Glass - a great title for a great book! Memoir Club, did such a good job.
R. Derek Finlay – Ten To Take Her Home
Derek Finlay has experienced a diverse and prestigious career within British and International Industry. After eighteen years, the last seven as a Director, with management consultants McKinsey and Company Inc., he embarked upon a highly successful 14 year career with the H J Heinz Company where he moved to the World Headquarters in Pittsburgh on his appointment as Senior Vice President - Corporate Development, and a member of the Board of Directors. It is an exciting and honest story of a career built on the foundation of early family tragedy, private ambition and the strong values of integrity and decent business ethics.

Sister Giles
The End and the Beginning, Circle Completed
Having trained at the Webber School of acting then became a Nun. After 20 years in a contemplative community she came into the outside world to look after those who needed affection, nursing. This account is written with humour with understanding & one is never felt to be in any way a lesser mortal for failing in ones own way of life. Strongly recommended to be read - not just once but again & again.
An Amazing Woman, Elspeth

Peter Horsfall – Hard To Believe - Too Old At Sixteen
An interesting life in the Army and at the House of Lords-Covers his life from joining the Guards as a youngster, working up through the ranks to Major, to his years as Staff Superintendent at the House of Lords. Full of anecdotes about army colleagues and encounters with noted political and royal figures - not just lords, but also Thatcher, Heseltine, and others. An enjoyable and interesting read.

Brian Wilson – Lost Certainties
This is a book for those who, like Brian Wilson, are prepared to turn around. The essence is caught in his quotation from Michael Ramsey: 'Cease to think of God as a definable, supernatural person. Being the other way round. Look into the depths of human existence, and discover deep down the ultimate meaning of things. This ultimate reality is personal; it is love. Then we can say that love, the ultimate reality, is God.'
Progressive Voices

Lord Brian Mackenzie – Two Lives of Brian
Brian Mackenzie has made a huge contribution to policing in Britain. As a serving police officer, as President of the Super-intendents' Association and as a forceful contributor to debates in the House of Lords he has been at the forefront of many of the controversial issues which have characterised the politics of law and order over the last thirty years. He has written a very entertaining account of those experiences, which will be enjoyed by all who read about it.
The Right Honourable Michael Howard QC MP

Sir Paul Nicholson – Brewer at Bay
He tells a story that is tragic both for him personally through Vaux Breweries and also for those living around the Sunderland area. His assessment of the Vaux decline should be compulsory reading for all Northern Business Schools.

Sir George Russell - Former Chairman of Northern Development Company

Sir Paul Nicholson's book details the working - and end-of-workings - of Vaux Breweries
Bill Jamieson - Executive Editor The Scotsman

Richard Wilding – Civil Servant: A Memoir
Richard Wilding gives an insightful view into a career that started with the diplomatic aspects of the Cyprus problem and finished with the financing of the Arts in Britain. He served in six government departments, gaining a wide variety of experience.
From this he builds up a picture of what it was like to be a civil servant at this time. The author candidly admits mistakes and launches a few barbs at fashionable management nostrums. His account includes encounters with Dwight D Eisenhower, Harold Macmillan and Margaret Thatcher.

Tom Russell – I Have The Honour To Be
Having been appointed to the Colonial Administrative Service, the author describes the post war conditions he found on his first assignment as a District Administrator in the Solomon Islands. Following secondment to the Colonial Office he returned to the Solomons where he undertook various duties in the portfolios of Home Affairs, Personnel Administration and Finance. He was eventually promoted Chief Secretary of the Western Pacific High Commission.

His memoirs offer a vivid and well informed insight into colonial administration
John Smith, Former Governor, Gilbert and Ellice Islands

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