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Monday, 19 November 2012

Brian Lingard

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Brian Lingard presents a copy of his book Special Houses for Special people to HRH The Duke of Gloucester. Royalties from the sale of the book are donated to the ABS


Thrifty Homes for Thrifty People is the second book of a trilogy by Brian Lingard covering his work as an architect in private practice between 1950 and the 1990's in Wales and London. The first book, Special Houses for Special People, dealt with more than 100 one-off houses, which he designed and built for special families on individual sites during the 1950's and 1960's. This second book of the series looks at his work in the field of public housing (local authority, new town, housing association and housing society) during the period from 1960 to 1990.
Over 30 social sector housing projects are described and illustrated, mainly with photographs taken by professional architectural photographers at the time of occupation of the dwellings. The historical background to the immediate environment of each project is considered and the effect that this background has had on the design of the dwellings is examined. All set against the social, economic and political influences pertaining at the time.
Several themes, only loosely connected with the subject buildings, run throughout the book. One such theme concerns the limited role which architects played in the creation of the 'sink estates' of post-war local authority housing, with the blame for much of this structurally unsound and socially inept housing lying with the multi-storey flats of package-dealers and with pre-cast concrete system building, not with the architectural profession.
Problems with local planning authorities, arbitrations and the collection of fees figure amongst the vignettes associated with the photographs and sketches which illustrate each chapter of Thrifty Homes for Thrifty People. Snippets from the verdicts of Civic Trust and Housing Medal assessors in reports on their awards are quoted. Visits to the projects by Government Ministers are recalled, often with photographs of those occasions. Celebrations are recounted which followed a few of the presentations of those of the 21 Civic Trust and 7 Government Housing Medal awards given for Lingard buildings which are featured in this book. Interweaving the chapters are accounts of the changes in dwelling places for the growing Lingard family, together with records of the establishment of new offices for the practice.
Thrifty Homes for Thrifty People is a light-hearted, explicated picture book of the architecture of public housing in England and Wales stemming from the offices of Brian Lingard during the latter half of the 20th century. As such it carries much appeal for the general reader as well as for the architectural profession.

Special Houses for Special People
Take one young architect straight out of architectural school. Introduce him to clients who have their own individual requirements. The result? Special Houses for Special People.

Brian Lingard began his architectural practice in Anglesey in the early 1950’s. It was there he began designing one-off houses for clients with specific needs. In this book he details over sixty of these houses, most illustrated by superb feature photographs taken soon after construction and all designed during the first fifteen years of his practice. 

The descriptions are brought alive by accounts of both the houses and the families for whom they were designed, all set against the social, economic and political influences pertaining at the time. 

This is a unique book. Partly architecturally historical record of house design from the middle part of the twentieth century; partly personal, light-hearted review of unusual commissions for unusual clients. As such, it is a book to be enjoyed by all those with an interest in house design and building, from professional architects and students to the general reader. 

A child of the 1920’s, Brian Lingard studies architecture at Manchester and set up his own private practice in Wales in 1950 winning many awards for his house designs. He retired from architectural practice in 1994 to live in Guernsey.

RN 1944-46; served: HMS Wolverine, Gibraltar 1944-45; architect; commenced private practice 1950; ptnr: Brian Lingard & Partners 1972-93, Lingard Styles Landscape (landscape architects) 1975-, Gallery Lingard (architectural historians) 1982-98; professional awards incl: RIBA Regnl Award (Wales), DOE and RIBA Housing Medal (7 awards), Civic Tst (21 awards), The Times/RICS Conservation Award (2 awards), Prince of Wales Conservation Award (3 awards); vice-pres Architects Benevolent Soc 2002- (chm 1988-92); FRIBA 1957 (ARIBA 1949)

To order Thrifty Homes for Thrifty People:

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To order Special Houses for Special People:
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Available on email: or tel 01913735660
with card details and address

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