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Friday, 17 May 2013

Howard R. Smith

Howard Smith will be on Hartlepool Radio at 1.00 p.m. on
Monday 20th May!

Lightning Never Strikes Twice?
Now available in eBook format. To buy, click on link:

Shawlworth Hall, with its extensive grounds that included a natural amphitheatre and a large grouse more is the focal point of this typical Cornish Village. The village had hardly recovered from the upheaval of one murder and the suicide of its Vicar when it was disturbed again. This time at a pop concert, the idea of the new Vicar and designed to raise money for famine relief for the people of Africa.
The village supported the Vicar in his benevolent activity, after all, their lives would only be disturbed for three days, or so they thought. They knew nothing of the shadowy life of the main attraction, Jonny Santos, and they did not expect not only to have to deal with his murder, but also that of one of the group. On top of this is the death of a local young man, killed by a professional 'hit man' and all this in the space of a few days.
When D.I. Spring decides to take his annual leave in time for the Glorious Twelth much to the annoyance of D.C.I. Blackwood, the officer in charge of the Police Station, the problem of identifying 'The Sneezing Man', the main suspect in the Santos murder case, is left to Sergeant Clarke.

The Author has also produced the following book and is available at

One Too Many
Shawlworth is an idyllic English village in the heart of the Cornish countryside. A thriving rural community steeped in tradition, the village is home to a large estate, with regular hunts and balls, a local shop, a parish church and a friendly pub. It is a heaven of peace in a picture-postcard setting. Or at least it was.
In 1992, along came Leroy Leonard - an ageing rocker enjoying a comeback - with a penchant for loud music and animal rights. Installing himself as the new lord of the manor at Shawlworth Hall, it is not long before Leonard manages to ruffle the feathers of each and every villager, with plans that will tear the heart out of this small community. But it is not just Leonard's rent increases, ban on hunting of even his plans for open-air concerts that cause upset. His arrival also reveals dark secrets from the past. One by one the villagers - from the vicar to the doctor to Leonard's own long-suffering wife - fuelled by their own hatred, consider drastic action to protect Shawlworth's way of life. It soon becomes clear that this is less a case of whodunit and more a case of who will do it... and when?

Howard R Smith was born in the North East, but, as a young child, moved to Cornwall. He returned to the North East after marrying his wife, Trish, where they raised their two daughters, Tracey and Kirsty.
He and his wife still live there with their two young dogs, Norman and Katie.

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