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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Margaret Seward

Now available as an eBook on Amazon kindle.

Open Wide is an intriguing and entertaining account of a woman who with never failing enthusiasm and an impish sense of humour rose to become the first Dame in her profession.
However you do not have to be a dentist to enjoy this memoir. The story will enthrall you from beginning to end as many famous people have crossed her path; royalty, political leaders and, film stars and these encounters provide amusing anecdotes. With candour she movingly lifts the veil on previously undisclosed events in her personal life following the early death of her father and tells how she secured top jobs through unconventional selection procedures. For the first time she gives fascinating insights into the inner workings of organizations with which she has been associated and acknowledges that nothing could have been achieved without the support of family, friends and colleagues.
Dame Margaret recounts her experience of juggling her career and bringing up children and comes up with some innovative ideas for returning to work. There can be few landmark events in the contemporary UK dental political scene that have escaped her involvement so even when you have finished reading the book you will have plenty to think about. 


Born in Weymouth, Margaret Seward received her schooling at Palmers Green High School and The Latymer School in Edmonton before going to The London Hospital in Whitechapel where she graduated as a dentist. Appointed in charge of the dental unit at Highlands Hospital in North London she had responsibility for treating long-stay patients whose plight was captured in the film Awakenings starring Robert de Niro.
She became editor of the British Dental Journal and during a period of 13 years restructured it to become relevant to general practitioners. She was also editor for 10 years of the International Dental Journal which is the mouthpiece of the World Dental Federation.
Dame Margaret a former President of the British Dental Association, became the first woman to be elected to the dentists governing body  the General Dental Council going on to become its first President . Her record of leadership was sealed when appointed chief dental officer at the Department of Health. She has published and lectured extensively at home and abroad, received numerous awards and honorary degrees and in 1999 became the first ever Dame in dentistry.
She is married to Professor Gordon Seward CBE and has a daughter, son and 2 grandchildren.


The Memoir is truly a remarkable story of a remarkable couple. British Dental Journal

Dame Margaret Seward is surely one of the world's most accomplished and best-known dentists. BDA News 

DAME MARGARET DEWARD (q BDS, The London, 1959) ha written her memoirs, Open Wide: Memoir of the Dental Dame. Her condour, humour and never failing enthusiasm illuminated many of the landmark events both in her life and the contemporary Uk dental political scene and make Open Wide a most enjoyable read. The London Hospital Dental Club 

This book has succeeded in giving a well balanced and, as far as is possible in an autobiography, objective view of a unique career in dentistry that provides fascinating insights into both Dame Margaret's personal life and the changes that have taken place in British dentistry during her lifetime. Primary Dental Care Journal 

The book is a fascinating read that makes the anecdotes about eminent names in dentistry and politics worth the price of admission alone. Dental Practice Magazine 

This is story of someone who has done a great deal of good in the world and was a pioneer in the field of dentistry and a guardian of standards. Latymer Alumni Newsletter

This book is more than an accurate history. It is an excellent read, a real page turner. Dental Update

What makes this book absolutely fascinating is that it is so easy to read, because it is written in a style that mirrors her own relaxed personality. I guarantee you will find it hard to put down. I strongly recommend that you buy a copy. You will, as I did, enjoy every page. Private Dentistry 

This is partly due to her literacy skills - she knows how to tell a good story - and partly a reflection of her vivacious personality. News from BOS Caroline Holland 

Recongnition notwithstanding, this autobiography stands out also for its many heartfelt accounts of Dame Seward's personal relationships with family, friends, colleagues, patients, and acquaintaces. Journal of the Massachussetts Dental Society

Price £19.95  P & P £3.00 UK £5.20 Europe £9.75  ROW
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