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Monday, 14 January 2013

Jill Stacey

Written on board the Destroyer, Sarpedon during the First World War, this book unravels the story through the eyes of a humble Sailor. Edward was barely old enough to fight for his country when the War had begun but quickly grew accustomed to the routine as the conflict progressed. The beginning of the book enables the author to indulge upon his delightful childhood, where he recalls the subtle moments of joy when he was just a little boy, oblivious to the demonic realm of War.
The reader is slowly submerged into the dark atmosphere of the Era as Edward records his emotions during the War with exceptional accuracy. One is able to appreciate the harsh realities of the battlefield and what it meant to the Navy. The well written Diary is equipped with numerous photos to create a more detailed image of his life as a Sailor.
This book is Edward’s personal Diary of his childhood and life during the First World War. A truly inspiring piece of work riddled with detailed knowledge concerning the role of the Navy during the period.

The Author
E.A. Hodges was the grandfather of Jill Stacey, and Mrs Stacey has edited and collected all of the diaries that he had together into a book, so that his memories can be shared with everyone.

To purchase a copy of Only a Sailor Knows:

Price £9.95  P & P £2.75  UK £3.75 Europe £7.00  ROW
Available on   email:  or tel 01913735660 with card details and address

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